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About Us

Delta Group is a leading business consultancy that facilitates the transformation of enterprises into high performing organisations through the provision of valued added Lean management principles and processes. Through the application of Lean principles, business processes are analysed and developed to eliminate waste and increase customer value, thereby creating a Leaner, more agile company.

Existing supply chains can be integrated into the Continuous Improvement model; both upstream to suppliers, service providers and contractors, as well as downstream to customers. A successful Lean transformation generates an increase in operational eciency and customer satisfaction, which ultimately drives increased protability.

Established businesses are often burdened with additional costs, unwieldy processes and hidden wastes. The traditional practice of increasing selling price is no longer an option, therefore realising cost savings through each business function and segment of the value chain, is essential in order to stay competitive and protable. Delta Group brings worldclass expertise across key disciplines that are directly linked to transforming leading international organisations.

Our Vision

Delta Group Consulting – An Admired Business Consultancy

  • To be the leading provider of world-class business practice
  • To empower our clients through knowledge transfer, enabling sustainable performance and results
  • To ensure our customers attain competitive vantage within their served markets