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Strategic and Business Planning

For many businesses, the direction of the organization is unclear and undefined to staff and stakeholders alike. The overall goals and objectives become blurred as employees tackle day to day issues, often resulting in ‘fire fighting’. Consequently the mid to longer-term requirements are not considered, resulting in further engagement with fire fighting and wasted time/resources. Organisations that fail to run as lean and agile enterprises underutilize their efficiency and effectiveness. Our “Business Excellence Healthcheck” process helps to identify the gaps!

Delta Group Consulting work in collaboration with your senior management team to facilitate the development of an initial High Level Strategic Plan for your business. An in-depth assessment will clarify the key aspirations for your business and also provide a “Road Map” for implementation of the necessary transformational changes.

The Strategic Planning process will also enable your organisation to create the vision for your employees and clarify the key objectives and also to help them understand how they “fit in”.

The Delta Group can also develop a more detailed Business Plan for the shorter term (1 to 3 years) with specific actions across key business processes, including transformational improvement projects and programmes.  A review structure will also be developed to enable your business to monitor progress and also to react to business opportunities.

We can also use a “Balanced Scorecard” methodology to communicate the vision and set measures and objectives, manage performance and enable the development of your team. The experience in managing change is one of our key strengths of our organisation.

Our Vision

Delta Group Consulting – An Admired Business Consultancy

  • To be the leading provider of world-class business practice
  • To empower our clients through knowledge transfer, enabling sustainable performance and results
  • To ensure our customers attain competitive vantage within their served markets