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Lean Transformation

A core feature of Lean Transformational Projects undertaken by Delta Group involves the reduction of operating costs and the improvement of performance, through eliminating waste and wasteful non-value added activities. These types of projects may be used to solve your operational business problems and create large-scale durable improvements. A Lean Transformation Project can assist your business in achieving the desired results in those areas identified through the Strategic and Business Planning activities and/or the Organisational Analyses.

Depending on the area of focus and project scope such projects typically achieve stepped improvements in a relatively short time-frame, and with Delta Group expertise on hand to facilitate and lead Kaizen events the implementation time may be reduced.

The Lean Transformation Project utilises Lean 6 Sigma tools and follows a prescriptive methodology and sequence of steps that includes; Transformational Project Planning, Data Gathering, Current State Analyses, Future State Design, Activity Planning, Project Implementation and Control.

A key component of a Transformational Project is People Development. Building your leadership team’s capability to use the lean tools appropriate to the project is critical to a successful transformation and may be achieved through a combination of classroom and workplace training, which incorporates practical exercises to reinforce the theory.

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