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How We Serve Our Clients

You know your business better than anyone else. We would work with your team to ensure your entire business is aligned with your short and long-term strategy and identify areas of opportunities to help grow your business.

Our initial visit to your premises would result in our team:

  • Understanding your business needs and objectives.
  • Identifying misalignment of management objectives and the overall processes within the organisation.
  • Face to face meetings with department heads to understand and analyse existing processes and value streams.
  • Reviewing total integration of processes.
  • A compiled detailed report on our findings, identifying areas of improvements and proposed project(s) to address areas of waste.

Based on these findings, Delta Group would submit a quotation for:

  • Project execution using proven methodologies.
  • Six Sigma knowledge transfer to your staff throughout the life of the project (Green Belt training).
  • Project management and control.
  • Regular project control meetings to ensure tasks are carried out.
  • Issuing of project status reports to management on an agreed cycle.
  • Project hand-over session to identified process owner(s).
  • A detailed report of project gains and benefits.

Our Vision

Delta Group Consulting – An Admired Business Consultancy

  • To be the leading provider of world-class business practice
  • To empower our clients through knowledge transfer, enabling sustainable performance and results
  • To ensure our customers attain competitive vantage within their served markets