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Why We Are Unique

Delta Group’s team of Associates are highly qualified and certified Six Sigma Specialists at various skill levels, with extensive Lean experience.

The team identify non-added value activities and broken process, either transactional or operational, and offer solutions to address the waste. Delta Group team of Associates posses a range of complimentary skills linked with world-class manufacturing companies.

Delta Group maintains strategic links with worldwide professionals and experts, from various industries, to bring comprehensive and proven methodologies to transform businesses from current state to a competitive state. This enables continued presence in the market place, whilst competing against emerging markets. The team of Associates are affiliated consultants and experts in their own fields who work on projects as required.

Our Vision

Delta Group Consulting – An Admired Business Consultancy

  • To be the leading provider of world-class business practice
  • To empower our clients through knowledge transfer, enabling sustainable performance and results
  • To ensure our customers attain competitive vantage within their served markets